Trudel Autobody’s History

Well, where do I begin? I guess it started in 1972 when I rolled my 1952 Chev pick-up. With no money to get it fixed, I decided to repair it myself.

Our first shop owned was a 14 X 18 car garage beside the grocery store in Albertville, Saskatchewan. I set it up with 6 house table lamps nailed to the wall for lighting, an oil burning furnace in the corner. In the winter this thing would get red hot. I punched out a window & put in a house cooling fan for my paint exhaust fumes, and 2 farm wheel compressors hooked up together outside for air. Why I didn’t blow myself up with explosive fumes, God only knows.

The first job was a Chrysler car. A neighbour, who liked what I had done with my 1952 truck, got me to repair and paint it. I worked a week on it and charged him $40.00. Back then a paint job was worth $120 to $160. My how things have changed.

Then in 1975 I built a new 4 car 32 X 60 building in Albertville and took on my brother John as a partner. With business getting busier all the time, we eventually hired another man (body man/ painter from P.A.).

Then in 1992, SIAST of Prince Albert put on a body shop class and I was their instructor for two programs. When the program was over I kept renting the space hiring 2 more men and stayed in P.A. with John running the Albertville shop.

In 1993 we purchased our present building on Marquis Road in P.A. and hired more staff. We now have 11 employees….great guys and gals. My son Ivan now manages it with my help.

We offer many services including painting, frames, glass etc. We are truly happy with many friends and customers we’ve had a good fortune too give our services to over the years and thank them dearly. We hope to continue and keep servicing P.A. and area for years to come, with new and repeat customers.